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About Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

OffshoreTask provides customized accounting services for Small, Medium & Large-sized companies. We have a full-fledged Dedicated team having a professional background, and knowledgeable experience in accounting regulation & thus benefiting businesses & saving valuable time and money. OffshoreTask provides you with up-to-date accounting & top-quality services delivered within stringent deadlines.

We use cloud-based accounting and virtual bookkeeping software which suits the needs of the different types of companies and accounting firms.

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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping means recording and tracking the numbers involved in the financial side of the business in an organised way. It is essential for every type of business. We have a dedicated Bookkeeper that provides all bookkeeping services on a day to day basis.

Prepare Bank reconciliation Statement

We Summarize banking and business activity & reconciles Entity’s bank account matched with its financial records.

Accounts Receivable and Payable

We keep track of the outstanding balance that third parties owe to you or you owe to any third party.

Invoice Processing

Our accounts payable department performs this function that consists of a series of steps. It all starts with receiving an invoice and finishes when payment has been made and recorded in the general ledger. We process all invoice forms efficiently in a timely manner from the backend.

Inventory management

Periodic statements prepared for the management on various issues to take care of like loss of inventory or issue in maintenance.

Cash Flow Statements

Periodic statement showing how much cash you have in hand for a specific period.

Maintenance and reconciliation of ledger

Maintenance and reconciliation of various ledger including General ledger, Fixed ledger and Asset Ledger.

Data indexing storage retrieval

Indexing of data maintained and received on a secured cloud.

Managing outstanding debtors

We prepare a report of debtors and then summarize it to give an overview of your aged debtors & this report is given to the management.

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