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About Payroll Services

An integral part of running a business is timely managing salary credits, appraisals, funds taxes of all the valuable employees. We assist you with Payroll Management.

Offshore task Payroll management starts from the processing of timesheets, checking and recording of leaves taken by the employee, setting up payroll for new employees, and ensuring that there is a proper record of all documents that are pertaining to employees. OffshoreTask provides you with proficient high-quality payroll services. 

Topics Discuss

Maintenance & Processing of Timesheet

We periodically maintain a timesheet and calculate the number of hours worked upon, the number of leave taken & process the timesheet of each employee. 

Processing of Salary Credits

We Compute the salary due to each employee after deducting income tax and other necessary deductions and  provide a report to the management for processing.


Issuance of Salary Slips

There is issuance of payment and salary slip to each of the employees and we coordinate with banks on crediting to each employee accounts. 

Other Payroll Services

Includes computation of termination and redundancy calculations, allocation of salary expenses to cost centers or departments. 

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